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Welcome to G.I.R.D.L.E., Inc.'s new fitness blog

by Akilah Lawrence

our Health and Wellness Facilitator

My name is Akilah, and just like many of you there are many things in life you would like to maintain, whether it be your business, close bonds with family and relationships, or in my case fitness. Working as a nursing assistant for 20 years and then transitioning into a nurse for almost 2 years now I get to see hands on the different changes our body go through which motivated me to start being more in tune with my body in all aspects, but more so fitness and nutrition. As far as the fitness part of it, I Know, I Know who likes to workout, but it is very necessary that you do for a number of health reasons, and to feel and look your best as well. So, with that being said the purpose of this blog is to hopefully inspire/motivate you into taking that first step or continuing your steps into a better version of you, and also to offer ways to make it more exciting sharing different smoothie recipes, healthy meals I prepare and the benefits of the ingredients that I add to them, as well as demonstrating exercises that targets particular areas of the body. ARE YOU READY???! Lets take full control our fitness journey and remain discipline as we do it... 



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