Here are some accomplishments made by women who were inspirted through G.I.R.D.L.E.'S Chat and Chew Support Group.                                        

Linda J. Rice is a self-published Poet.  Her first book was published  May 30, 2017. She has been writing poetry since 2014. She was then prompted to put them altogether in a book.

Her first published book named “My Poems, Thoughts, Revelations and more,” is featured for this book signing event. It contains poems of inspiration, her dreams, visions and practical insights. The book is available on Amazon Books and Create Space websites.  Some of her poetry has been published on “The Poet Original” (a Google+ website) and She has recited her poetry for various G.I.R.D.L.E Inc. events, as well as other community gatherings. She credits poetic flo-etry to the inspiration of  the Holy Spirit. She’s in the process of writing her next book of poetry that will be featured next spring, which will also be available on Amazon.                                                                              This is a L.J.R. Production.


What our particiants say about us

Here's what people are saying about .

"The March Chat and Chew motivated me to uplift other young women and to keep myself strong to do so".  Anonymous


"I liked earning Diva Bucks the most" Earnestine


"I liked the encouraging words from Jeanine the most.  I was also motivated to just do and be more than what I am". Kadeja


"I enoyed the interactive sessions" Anonymous


"Everything was wonderful". LaCheryl


"I love and appreciate everything that the GIRDLE Womens Ministry stands for and represent. They are a group of caring and sharing women who have genuine concern for the emotional, psychological, mental, financial and spiritual welfare and self-improvement of  the young ladies and mature women of this generation and generations to come.  I am proud to be a member and participant of  such an awesome team." Diane




Someone once said, " a woman should have one friend who always makes her laugh...and one who lets her cry...

Tells us about your friend you laugh with and the one your cry with...keep it real?


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What’s Your Truth?

Jul 13, 2014
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