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Volunteer Opportunity

Share in GIRDLE's vision to be a complete deliverance and support ministry for young ladies and women. Our vision is to continue CHAT and CHEW support groups, Tender Lessons seminars/classes, Exhibit/Fairs/Workshops, weekend retreats, and Diamond Mentor Program, housing them in one building belonging to GIRDLE. We envision this building to have a small medical clinic with a nurse or medical practitioner, counseling, temporary housing, meals for those in need, a food pantry, hygiene education, and items, and community activities for the whole family. Our vision includes incentives and resources for participants. We anticipate collaborations with several churches, agencies, and organizations in Oakland County.                                                                        

You can offer your support by volunteering in the following areas:

  • By being a speaker at one of our Chat & Chews
    • Women/Teenage Services
    • Health Awareness
    • Women Businesses
    • Career Goals
    • Self-Improvement
    • Finance
    • Nutrition
  • By being a volunteer
    • Life Skills Specialist
    • Mentor
    • Event Planner
    • Clerical Staff
    • Planning Committee
    • Child Care Provider
  • By donating the following items
    • Craft Materials
    • Food/Drink
    • Paper Products/Utensils
    • Printing
    • Office Supplies
    • Gifts/Prizes
    • Monetary
  •     By being a sponsor
    • Individual
    • Monthly Partner
    • Chat and Chew Expenses

Ways To Support/Donate


Please show your support by making contributions/donations at one of the links below:

Link Kroger Plus Card to GIRDLE account number 13758 

Mail your donations to GIRDLE

2050 South Blvd. #84 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0084


Click the Donation Button below to donate through PayPal


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