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KIMBERLY ALLEN - Business Entrepreneur Liaison

I have been a part of GIRDLE since the onset of 2003. At that time I was the secretary of the Planning Committee which I enjoyed. Currently I hold the office of "Entrepeneur Liason", I am in charge of networking to find businesses that could benefit women. I am a young mature Christian woman with four girls of my own, they are between the ages of 16-22, I also have a young granddaughter. I am a part of GIRDLE because I have a passion for helping people in general which is why I went to school for medical assisting. I also enjoy meeting new people. My goal for GIRDLE in 2014 is just to encourage as many women as I can.  

If you have any questions, I can be reached at

DEIDRE DAVIS - Chat & Chew Program Coordinator

I have an Associate Degree in Mental Health/ Social Work. I joined the staff in September 2014. I would like to see GIRDLE become an inspirational outlet and source for young ladies to be able to depend on for growth naturally and spiritually. I would like to see it grow to become nationwide. I want to touch and inspire our community and give the Love back to others. I want to us to be example to the young ladies on what a Devoted Woman of Excellence should be. Which I believe is loving, kind, patient, long-suffering and having the spirit of compassion. I want us to be able give back to our community and to other countries that are in need. Such as building roads, sending medical assistance and help to build up in the infer-structure in the villages. 


If you have any questions, I can be reached at


STEFFYNE GLENN - Event Planner/WebMaster

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information and have over 20 years of project management.  I just recently joined GIRDLE this year (2015).  I started out by participating in the CHAT and CHEW sessions.  I was very inspirational for me and I was amazed at how it had touched the other ladies in the group.  I could see the vision that the group has and wanted to be a part of it.  It is much needed.  We as women tend to think we are going through life's situations all on our own, but we're not, so t is good to come together and support each other.  I am a member of Newman African Methodist Episcopal Church in Pontiac and have served as a part of the Christian Education Department in some capacity over the last 30 years mostly focusing on youth.  My work with GIRDLE will give me the opportunity to give back to the community and further spread God's Word.   I am responsible for the planning of GIRDLE's special events and maintaining this fabulous website.


If you have any questions, I can be reached at


Akilah Lawrence

Wellness Coach

My name is Akilah, and just like many of you there are many things in life you would like to maintain, whether it be your business, close bonds with family and relationships, or in my case fitness. Working as a nursing assistant for 20 years and then transitioning into a nurse for almost 2 years now I get to see hands on the different changes our body go through which motivated me to start being more in tune with my body in all aspects, but more so fitness and nutrition. As far as the fitness part of it, I Know, I Know who likes to workout, but it is very necessary that you do for a number of health reasons, and to feel and look your best as well. Sooo, with that being said the purpose of this blog is to hopefully inspire/motivate you into taking that first step or continuing your steps into a better version of you, and also to offer ways to make it more exciting sharing different smoothie recipes, healthy meals I prepare and the benefits of the ingredients that I add to them, as well as demonstrating exercises that targets particular areas of the body. ARE YOU READY???! Lets take full control our fitness journey and remain discipline as we do it...


If you have any questions, you can reach me at 

Catherine Lawrence-Johnson - 

Founder and Director of GIRDLE Deliverance and Support Ministry for Women

A Pontiac resident, she has overcome many obstacles with the help of God and his people.  Her desire is to use her life experiences and her faith in God to encourage and direct women and young ladies in a positive direction.  For Ms. Johnson complete biography click here


If you have any questions, I can be reached at



PATRICE SLATER - Fundraising and Development Coordinator

I am a proud resident of Pontiac, and I have been a part of GIRDLE since 2003. Now I serve as fundraiser manager on the GIRDLE team. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Baker College and currently I am employed at Common Ground in the Health Information Department. I have also worked for HAVEN and Catholic Social Services, where I utilized my skills to help those throughout Oakland County with various resources and services. I am an active member in the community and at Galilean Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Robert L. Burch Sr.


If you have any questions, I can be reached at


MARILYN DIANE TURNIPSEED - Chat & Chew Program Coordinator

 I joined GIRDLE at the 2014 GIRDLE Launch, In the beginning I served on the Advertising Committee, after that I served as Program Coordinator and am presently serving as one of the Chat & Chew Coordinators.  I am also a member of the Pontiac SUN (Strong United Neighbors) TimeBank , I am on the Steering Committee where I serve as the Outreach Ambassador recruiting individuals and organizations. I am also a Business Outreach Coordinator, reaching out to the business community. I love helping people in every capacity and that's what immediately drew me to GIRDLE, the support, love and genuine care that this much needed women's ministry has for the young ladies and women. 


If you have any questions, I can be reached at

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We are a non-profit organization.  Our objective is to support women, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The support we offer is free to the women who take advantage of our services.  In order to accomplish this goal,  we welcome your support either monitarily or volunteer help. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please contact us for a list of our most needed items or volunteer opportunities.


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