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GIRDLE, a prodigy of Diva Night, is continuing the vision.  Under the leadership of Kiesha Carroll, Diva Night, a women’s support-networking two day retreat-slumber party originated in Pontiac, Michigan.   Diva Night was an attempt to create an environment in which women could mature and grow with each other.  Ms. Carroll discovered that women in our community expressed a need for fellowship and support of each other.  Her vision, along with the dedication and hard work of Diva night coordinator Catherine Garry-Johnson, produced a successful program.  However, Ms. Carroll decided to end the program and pursue other interest.


In December of 2002, Ms. Garry-Johnson held a meeting with the former planning committee of Diva Night, Kimberly Spruill, Junotia Gage, Michelle Johnson, Mary Richardson, and Kimberly Allen residents of Pontiac, Michigan, it was at that meeting that GIRDLE, God Is Raising Devoted Ladies for Excellence a women’s support system was birthed.   GIRDLE, would continue the vision using the same format as Diva Night hosting weekend retreats in an area hotel.  Kiesha Carroll would join GIRDLE staff at a later date.


On March 30, 2003, GIRDLE participated in a panel presentation and discussion at Galilean Baptist Church announcing our program to the community.    April 26, 2003 GIRDLE, hosted our first Chat and Chew at Walton Park YAPO Center.  This first Chat and Chew focus was demonstrating to women that we need each other’s support.  On Saturday, May 3, 2003 GIRDLE participated in the Lighthouse Walk for Hunger.  These events and others serve to introduce GIRDLE to the community and show our concern for our community.  GIRDLE’s Chat and Chew support group address topics such as:  “Secrets of an irresistible Woman” by Michelle McKinney Hammond; Things Mama Told You; Eleven Things Women Should Know by Tom Blake; Healthy Relationships, Relaxation Techniques; and other topics related to women’s issues.  We also introduce several business women during our Chat and Chew sessions,  Darlene Sanders,  Christian Creations;  Cloretha Gibbs, Professional Housekeeper;  Hogan Impressive Images;  and Rashida Robinson of Warm Spirits to name a few.


GIRDLE published its first newsletter in summer of 2003, GIRDLE NEWS.  This newsletter served as a connection between GIRDLE and the community, informing churches, organizations, and individuals of GIRDLE activities and sponsors.   The newsletter also gave GIRDLE participants a venue to share their writings and poetry with the community.


GIRDLE, implemented Tender Lesson in October of 2003 offering classes once a week at Walton Park YAPO Center for females, ages 14-21.  This program included:  Sewing Lessons; cooking lessons; Lola Are, Strategies Thinktank, Inc; The Body Shop-pampering Party; Marilyn Johnson, Flagstar Bank; DeCarla Ringstaff, Pontiac Health Initiative; Willie Turner of Grace Center of Hope – Substance Abuse; Selvy Hall, Sexual Transmitted Diseases; monthly sleepovers; community service activities; and concluded the end of the year with an award banquet at Howard Dell Center in Pontiac, Michigan on Saturday, May 22, 2004.


In May of 2004, GIRDLE implemented a sorority; Divine Alpha Queens for teenage girls ages 12-17.    Divine Alpha Queens would be a sisterhood designed to mentor teenage girls all year round.  The sorority focused on bonding as sisters, relationship issues, education, and community services.


In 2014 GIRDLE reorganized changing the focus to deliverance and support.  Directed by Catherine Garry-Johnson, GIRDLE is designed to provide assistance and shape the lives of women, ages twelve and older, empowering them with the principles of Jesus Christ enabling women meet their full potential. 

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We are a non-profit organization.  Our objective is to support women, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The support we offer is free to the women who take advantage of our services.  In order to accomplish this goal,  we welcome your support either monitarily or volunteer help. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please contact us for a list of our most needed items or volunteer opportunities.


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