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GIRDLE is an acronym for God Is Raising Devoted Ladies for Excellence.  It is a support system designed to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by providing mental, spiritual, and physical encouragement and assistance to women, ages 12 and older.  We are a non-profit ministry, devoted to assisting women to heal from past and present hurts, become self-sufficient, forming a sisterhood by bonding with other women, and mentoring young ladies using the principles found in the Bible.  We believe women are being called to excellence in the Spirit by reducing the stress in their lives that this world presents before us. 


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A Piece From G.I.R.D.L.E.'S Mind

What is "Me Time"?

Time spent relaxing on one's own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.

Women take less time for themselves than men, thus putting their health at risk.  Women today have been told we have it all -- careers, families, kids, community involvement, and relationships.  But all too often, having it all leaves us with no time or strength left for ourselves.  There's a tremendous amount of stress and pressure put on women trying to accomplish all of these roles.  In doing all of this we tend not to give adequate care to ourselves.

Whatever your case may be, women need to take time each day to do something for themselves.  We tend to think of leisure as a luxury.  When time gets tight, it's usually the first thing to go.  But having enough downtime is actually a necessity for optimal coping and thriving.  In fact, lack of adequate time for rest, relaxation, and personal interests may be one reason that U.S. women report feeling more stressed than their male counterparts.

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